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Current Overview of Lung Cancer from Pathology, Screening to Treatment
Current Cancer Therapy Reviews (2018)
  • Stacey Davidson, Western University
  • Edward Yu, Western University
Introduction: Lung cancer is the most prevalent malignancy worldwide and accounts for more cancer-related deaths than any other disease site, despite advances in early detection and management. Radiation therapy is used in the management of all stages of non-small cell lung cancer, including adenocarcinoma in situ/minimally invasive adenocarcinoma, and small cell lung cancer.
Conclusion: This article provides a brief current overview of literature pertaining to the role of radiation therapy in the management of lung cancer.
  • Radiotherapy,
  • non-small cell lung cancer,
  • small cell lung cancer,
  • lung cancer,
  • prognosis,
  • adenocarcinoma.
Publication Date
Summer August 1, 2018
Citation Information
Stacey Davidson and Edward Yu. "Current Overview of Lung Cancer from Pathology, Screening to Treatment" Current Cancer Therapy Reviews Vol. 14 Iss. 2 (2018) p. 92-119
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