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Globalization, regional economic policy and research
Globalization and Regional Economic Modeling (2007)
  • Edward Feser, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
This paper considers two questions. First, are there unique implications of growing global economic integration for development planning and policy making at the city and regional level? Key issues include whether globalization is appreciably different today than it used to be and whether it means anything more, from the perspective of a given city or region, than heightened competition for resident industries and related challenges of more rapid macro-regional structural change and adjustment. Second, what kinds of spatial empirical research and model building would be most valuable to regional policy makers faced with designing programs and making specific allocative investment decisions in the face of growing economic integration? Putting on the shoes of a regional policy maker, what kinds of empirical research should regional economists and regional scientists pursue? The focus is on the United States context although some of the more general findings are relevant to other highly industrialized countries with active local and regional economic development institutions.
  • Globalization,
  • regional economic development,
  • regional policy,
  • international trade
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R J Cooper, K P Donaghy, G J D Hewings
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Edward Feser. "Globalization, regional economic policy and research" HeidelbergGlobalization and Regional Economic Modeling (2007)
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