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Understanding Local Economic Development
  • Emil E Malizia, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Edward J Feser, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
This book presents theories, models, concepts and perspectives that enable readers to understand the essential features of local economic development in the United States. The book has four audiences: economic development professionals, undergraduate and graduate students of economic development, economic development educators and researchers, and community leaders involved in formulating economic development policies or funding economic development programs. It is designed to span the divide between theory and local development practice and is organized to serve both as a text for in-service training and university courses and as a reference to what is a broad and disparate literature.
  • Economic development theory,
  • economic development practice,
  • public policy
Publication Date
CUPR Press
Citation Information
Emil E Malizia and Edward J Feser. Understanding Local Economic Development. Rutgers, NJ(1998)
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