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Impersonal constructions in Ket
Impersonal constructions: a cross-linguistic perspective (2011)
  • Edward J. Vajda, Western Washington University
  • Andrey Nefedov
  • Andrej Malchukov
This volume offers a much needed typological perspective on impersonal constructions, which are here viewed broadly as constructions lacking a referential subject. The contributions to this volume deal with all types of impersonality, namely constructions featuring nonagentive subjects, including those with experiential predicates (A-impersonals), presentational constructions with a notional subject deficient in topicality (T-impersonals), and constructions with a notional subject lacking in referential properties (R-impersonals), i.e. both meteo-constructions and man-constructions. The typological discussion benefits from a good coverage of impersonality in European languages, but also includes considerations of several African, American, South-East Asian, Australian, and Oceanic languages. The variation in the cross-linguistic realization of impersonality and the diachronic pathways leading to and from impersonality documented in this volume point to a novel perspective on impersonals as transitional structures or an intermediate stage of a more basic diachronic change be it from transitive to intransitive, or from active to passive, or participant-to event-centered construction.
Publication Date
Andrej Malchukov and Anna Siewierska
John Benjamins Publishing Company
Citation Information
Edward J. Vajda, Andrey Nefedov and Andrej Malchukov. "Impersonal constructions in Ket" Amsterdam and New YorkImpersonal constructions: a cross-linguistic perspective (2011)
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