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The Inerrancy Debate and the Use of Scripture in Counseling
Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Edward Hindson, Liberty University
Publication Date
Published in the Grace Theological Journal, 3 no 2 Fall 1982, p 207-219.
To side-step the crucial implications of the current inerrancy debate, many evangelicals have tried to suggest that the controversy is nothing more than a semantical battle of terminologies and definitions. In this article, the inerrancy debate is viewed as it affects the role of pastoral counseling. In particular, the author examines the issues of "Christian" feminism and homosexuality, concluding that a weak view of the scripture will always lead to a weak view of morality. Serious problems result from allowing cultural hermeneutics to redefine clear biblical revelation.
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Edward Hindson. "The Inerrancy Debate and the Use of Scripture in Counseling" (1982)
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