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Nanorods formed from a new class of peptidomimetics
  • Y Niu
  • W Haifan
  • R Huang
  • Q Qiao
  • F Costanza
  • X Wang
  • Y Hu
  • M Amin
  • A Nguyen
  • J Zhang
  • Edward M Haller
  • S Ma
  • X Li
  • J Cai
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Additional Authors: Costanza F, Wang X, Hu Y, Amin M, Nguyen A, Zhang J, Haller E, Ma S, Li X, Cai J
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Y Niu, W Haifan, R Huang, Q Qiao, et al.. "Nanorods formed from a new class of peptidomimetics" Macromolecules Vol. 45 Iss. 18 (2012) p. 7350 - 7355
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