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Impaired blood-brain/spinal cord barrier in ALS patients
Brain Research
  • S N Garbuzova-Davis
  • D Hernandez-Ontiveros
  • M Rodrigues
  • Edward M Haller, University of South Florida
  • A Frisna-Deyo
  • S Mirtyl
  • S Sallot
  • S Saporta
  • C Borlongan
  • P Sanberg
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Additional Authors: Frisna-Deyo A, Mirtyl S, Sallot S, Saporta S, Borlongan C, Sanberg P
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S N Garbuzova-Davis, D Hernandez-Ontiveros, M Rodrigues, Edward M Haller, et al.. "Impaired blood-brain/spinal cord barrier in ALS patients" Brain Research Vol. 1469 (2012) p. 114 - 128
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