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Werdingite from the Urungwe District, Zimbabwe
Mineralogical Magazine
  • Edward S. Grew, University of Maine - Main
  • Martin G. Yates
  • Charles K. Shearer
  • Michael Wiedenbeck
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Electron and ion microprobe data on two samples of welshite from the type locality of Langban, Sweden, gave analytical totals of 99.38-99.57 wt.% and BeO contents of 4.82-5.11 wt.%, corresponding to 1.692-1.773 Be/20 O. Mossbauer and optical spectra of on
Citation/Publisher Attribution
Grew, ES, Yates, MG, Shearer, CK, and Wiedenbeck, M, 1997, Werdingite from the Urungwe District, Zimbabwe: Mineralogical Magazine, v. 61, p. 713-718.
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Edward S. Grew, Martin G. Yates, Charles K. Shearer and Michael Wiedenbeck. "Werdingite from the Urungwe District, Zimbabwe" Mineralogical Magazine Vol. 61 Iss. 5 (1997) p. 713 - 718
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