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High-voltage Parallel Writing on Iron Nitride Thin Films
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A
  • N. Farkas
  • J. D. Ehrman
  • Edward A. Evans, University of Akron Main Campus
  • R. D. Ramsier
  • J. A. Dagata
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We report large area patterning of sputter-deposited FeN thin films by a high-voltage parallel writing technique that was recently developed to modify ZrN surfaces. Systematically patterned 15-100-nm-thick FeN films consisting of features with well-defined sizes and shapes are obtained by applying high dc voltages between a stamp and the samples. During the process the oxide dissolves, exposing the substrate beneath. This controlled breakdown eliminates the need for any postexposure etching. The single-step imprinting method presented here provides an emerging route to fabricate isolated FeN geometrical structures on silicon substrates for magnetic applications. (c) 2006 American Vacuum Society.
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N. Farkas, J. D. Ehrman, Edward A. Evans, R. D. Ramsier, et al.. "High-voltage Parallel Writing on Iron Nitride Thin Films" Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A Vol. 24 Iss. 4 (2006) p. 1340 - 1343
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