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Unpublished Paper
Aligning Physician Decision-making with the Goals of HCOs
ExpressO (2011)
  • Edward Correia, American University Washington College of Law
Abstract: In order to achieve efficiency in the delivery of health care services, it is essential to more closely align the behavior of physicians with the goals of the Health Care organization with which they are affiliated. Achieving alignment presents a number of challenges, including legal constraints, a long tradition of physician independent, an tendency for physicians to become involved in procurement decisions, and a scarcity of comparative effectiveness data that could serve as a basis for treatment protocols and purchasing decisions. The article discusses these challenges and suggests some partial solutions. In addition, it compares the incentives that affect physicians in health care organizations and partners in law firms and suggests that there member some lessons that health care organizations can learn from the lawyers.
  • health care policy,
  • health care organizations,
  • integration,
  • physician alignment,
  • efficient delivery of health care
Publication Date
August 30, 2011
Citation Information
Edward Correia. "Aligning Physician Decision-making with the Goals of HCOs" ExpressO (2011)
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