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Unpublished Paper
HERODOTUS ON THE TROJAN WAR: 1.1.0-1.5.4 AND 2.112.1-2.120.5
Campbell’s Commentaries: Amherst, MA (2015)
  • Edward H Campbell, independent scholar
Originally this work was to contain addenda from Giovanni Boccaccio's Latin work Famous women. But I got bogged down and labored over this document for far too long. I know there are some readers who have wondered about what I've been writing. I should have had this done in a matter of months, but it has in fact taken me over a year to get it to this stage.
Obviously this is work is about women on its face, but I want the reader to keep in mind that it was from the refugees of this wholly unjustified war that Rome comes. And from Rome Democracy hence the annuity coeptis of the American republic.
The reader should also note that whereas Thucydides is generally advanced as some sort of improvement over Herodotus women are all but completely left out of Thucydides. R. G. Collingwood once said of Thucydides: "What is the matter with this man that he writes in this way?" And then goes on to say that he had a guilty conscience and that he was trying to justify himself for writing something which "s not history.
You should also observe Arthur Schopenhauer's assertion that if a man's writing is confusing it should stand a proof the author doesn't know what he is talking about. The writing of Thucydides in terms of grammar and syntax is indeed convoluted. To state this a plainly as possible his Greek is just about the most difficult out there. So, I'll stand my ground with Collingwood and Schopenhauer on these matters and deny that Thucydides is a historian at all.
Boston, MA
  • Herodotus,
  • Greek Grammar
Publication Date
Spring May 11, 2015
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Edward H Campbell. "HERODOTUS ON THE TROJAN WAR: 1.1.0-1.5.4 AND 2.112.1-2.120.5" Campbell’s Commentaries: Amherst, MA (2015)
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