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About Edward H Campbell

I am an independent scholar of the Greek and Roman Classics.

Research Interests

Greek, Latin, and Philology

Plato (3)

Homer, Thucydides, and Strabo on Barbarism, the Barbaric, and Babbling (1)

Aristophanes (1)

Islamic State (Foreign Policy) (4)

Herodotus (1)

Giovanni Boccaccio (5)

Parmenides (2)

Appian (1)

Sallust (1)

Cicero (1)

Tacitus (1)

Lucan (1)

Bible (1)

Magnum Opus: Discontents at Rome 63 B.C., Class Struggle and Social Praxis in Republican Rome (1)

Roman History: Downfall of the Roman Republic.

Manuscripti (24)

Notebooks corresponding to my Latin and Greek translations.