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About E. H. Campbell

As an independent scholar of Greek and Latin literature, a philologist, and a Socratic, E. H. Campbell is at once both grammarian and a self-styled philologus. Using the most advanced technology to analyze grammar and syntax, Campbell's commentaries fuse two Classical traditions, commentary and translation which heretofore were divided by an unbridgeable gulf--traditionally translators do not write commentaries on grammar and syntax and philologists have not done translation.

Research Interests

Greek, Latin, and Philology

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Livy (1)

Tacitus (2)

Travel Writing (1)

Sophocles (1)

Homer (4)

Plato (3)

Philology (2)

Homer, Thucydides, and Strabo on Barbarism, the Barbaric, and Babbling (2)

Aristophanes (2)

Giovanni Boccaccio (5)

Thales (1)

Aristotle (1)