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Essentials of Public Relations Management
College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Books
  • Edward J. Lordan, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Filling a gap in current PR literature, Essentials of Public Relations Management takes students to the next level. Designed to help students and professionals who have mastered the fundamentals of public relations, this book develops management skills needed for further career advancement. Appropriate for those in the fields of business, communications, journalism or political science, this down-to-earth study of the practical application of public relations covers: Relating to clients, Managing staff, Conducting and applying research, Coping with crises, Handling finances, Understanding the power and the problems of technology, Recognizing actual and potential legal issues, Defining professional ethics.
Publication Date
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Citation Information
Edward J. Lordan. Essentials of Public Relations Management. Lanham, MD(2003)
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