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Towards a Nation of Educoders: A Roadmap for Sustainably Broadening and Improving Open Source Educational Software
Open-Source Solutions in Education: Theory and Practice
  • Doug L. Holton, Utah State University
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Contribution to Book
J. Burton Browning
Informing Science Press
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The goal of this chapter is to review the history of educational software development and propose specific strategies for expanding the development of educational software that is free, open source, and more effective for learning. These strategies would make it easier for teachers, students, and other non-programmers to modify or design their own educational applications and better educate software programmers about how people learn.
Originally published by Informing Science Press. Chapter fulltext available through remote link.
Citation Information
Holton, D.L. (2010). Towards a nation of educoders: A roadmap for sustainably broadening and improving open source educational software. In (J. Burton Browning, Ed.) Open-Source Solutions in Education: Theory and Practice, pg. 47-62.