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Comment on “A network theorem"
IEEE Transactions on Audio (1963)
  • Edmund R Wigan
Mr. Montgomery sets out a Theorem which I myself published, with an almost identical proof. I there pointed out the great practical advantage of the Theorem in allowing current ratios to be measured, without introducing the current-meters which would upset circuit conditions, by observing a voltage-ratio under reversed transmission conditions; this was not noted by Mr. Montgomery. Inquirers will find that, by some accident, my con­tribution was not listed in the Index of the Wireless Engineer; my theorem has in consequence never been referred to in the standard texts. It follows that I can­ not blame Dr. Hurtig for introducing it in 1956 as a novelty. The derivation occurred, almost by accident, as far back as 1929-30, and follows herein
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Edmund R Wigan. "Comment on “A network theorem"" IEEE Transactions on Audio Vol. 11 Iss. 3 (1963) p. 97 - 98
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