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Exploring Effective Support Practices For Doctoral Students' Degree Completion
College Student Journal (2010)
  • Edlyn V. Peña, California Lutheran University
  • Ilda Jimenez y West
  • Gokce Gokalp
  • Linda Fischer
  • Jarrett Gupton

The increase in time-to degree and attrition rates of students in doctoral programs highlight the importance of identifying challenges students face and developing support services to address them. This study explored the barriers and challenges Ed.D. students face while pursuing their degree along with the effectiveness of a doctoral support center (DSC) in assisting doctoral candidates. A survey administered to 103 students inquired into participants' experiences with their program, dissertation chair, and the DSC. In addition, nine student volunteers participated in focus groups and responded to questions related to the DSC, the program, and the advisor. Time management and relationship with chairs were identified as the most common challenges, while classmates, dissertation chairs, and the DSC were identified as major sources of support for students.

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Edlyn V. Peña, Ilda Jimenez y West, Gokce Gokalp, Linda Fischer, et al.. "Exploring Effective Support Practices For Doctoral Students' Degree Completion" College Student Journal (2010)
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