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Inquiry Methods for Critical Consciousness and Self-Change
Review of Higher Education (2012)
  • Edlyn V. Peña, California Lutheran University

This study investigates faculty members' experiences in a 20-month inquiry project that provided them with structured opportunities to (a) interview students of color about their educational journey, and (b) meet with other faculty members as a collaborative inquiry team to discuss student interview findings. Changes in faculty members were documented through faculty interviews, observations of inquiry meetings, and faculty's reflective journal entries. Findings revealed that faculty members developed an intimate knowledge of students' experiences coupled with an understanding of the broader social implications of being a student of color. They developed a critical consciousness and practical knowledge that informed more responsive approaches with students.

  • Faculty,
  • crticial consciousness,
  • collaborative inquiry
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Edlyn V. Peña. "Inquiry Methods for Critical Consciousness and Self-Change" Review of Higher Education (2012)
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