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Swine Flu Myths - Experts Debunk Four Common Myths About Swine Flu
ABCNews (2009)
  • Chiehwen Ed Hsu
To date, no evidence has been found to link eating or handling pork to contracting swine flu. As the cases of the new swine flu virus continue to rise, so too do the misconceptions about the illness. "By eating pork or handling pork products you won't [contract] H1N1," said Ed Hsu, an associate professor of health informatics at the University of Texas Health Science Center and a contributor to ABC News's OnCall+ Swine Flu site. "There is no scientific evidence or literature or any studies that suggest that one contracts H1N1 virus through eating pork or handling pork products." Additionally, USDA guidelines say to cook pork products to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to kill pathogens that live on raw pork. That temperature would kill the swine flu virus.
  • H1N1,
  • swine flu,
  • public health preparedness and response.
Publication Date
May 28, 2009
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Chiehwen Ed Hsu. "Swine Flu Myths - Experts Debunk Four Common Myths About Swine Flu" ABCNews (2009)
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