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About Chiehwen Ed Hsu

C. Ed Hsu (HSU is pronounced 'she') is a professor in academic positions of fifteen years working with many outstanding current and future health leaders. Hsu is currently on the faculty of NCKU Int'l MBA (IMBA), College of Management. Formerly, he served full-time as Associate Professor for UT Health Science Center specialized in Public Health Informatics, where he coordinated UT Houston MPH/PhD, MPH/MS dual-degree programs, and was on fulltime faculty of the University of Maryland College Park. At the national and state levels Hsu served on federal, national non-for-profit and state advisory committees and study sections to advise health programs and policy development. His research focused on applying informatics solutions, including spatial and temporal methods, geographic information systems, epidemiology and qualitative techniques in the improvement of health disparities, minority health, and public health preparedness and responses. Hsu completed several publicly and privately funded research programs, and co-authored more than 40 peer-reviewed research papers on the use of informatics methods in reducing health disparities, and enhancing public health preparedness and response in internationally and nationally circulated journals. Hsu is a regular contributor & commentator to national and regional media on public health informatics issues. Hsu spent seven years in earning four graduate degrees in health sciences. He is an alumnus of the University of California specialized in health law, and the University of Texas specialized in health management and policy, health informatics, and health services research. He completed undergraduate training from Medical College, Fujen Catholic University @Taipei, Taiwan. Before attending college, he served in the Army as a drill sergeant (cpl, artillery specialty) in Taiwan. Being a former student veteran and first in his family to go to college, Hsu dedicated the past 20 years to working with adult learners, non-traditional students, students in uniformed service and veterans, and those from underserved communities who are motivated to improve their life chances through completion of higher education. In addition to working for more than a decade in academia, Hsu's service included serving as a congressional staffer in Taiwan congress, and working for the International Commission for the Blind for visually-impaired community. He plans to practice health law and teach health law/management, continues to improve educational access while providing a voice for the voiceless.


Present Adjunct Faculty, Marylhust University, MBA Program, Adjunct Full Professor, University of Maryland.
Present Adjunct Faculty, UTSBMI, Public Health Informatics, Adjunct Full Professor, University of Maryland.
Present Health Law, University of California, Hastings College of Law

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Public Health Law, Public Health Informatics, Public Health Preparedness and Response, and Health Disparities and Minority Health


20122013 M. Law, university of california hastings college of law
20042006 M. P. H., University of Texas Health at Houston ‐ health services organizations
19982001 MS, University of Texas Health at Houston ‐ biomedical informatics
19982001 ph.d, University of Texas Health at Houston ‐ health policy and management

Contact Information

Chiehwen Ed Hsu, PhD, MPH, MSc, M. Law


Health Disparities or Minority Health (16)

Public Health Preparedness and Response (17)