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About Edgar C. Boedeker

Over the past 8 years or so, I have been working on two main research projects:

A new translation of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time, probably the most important philosophical work in European philosophy of the 20th Century. The translation is now complete, the Translator's Introduction nearly complete, and I'm not in the process of submitting it for publication. 

A book entitled Wittgenstein's Basic demant, in which I offer a systematic interpreation of Wittgenstein's first book, the Tractatuc Logio-Philosophicus, which founded the field known as "analytic philosophy," but whose significance extends beyond it. Here, I argue that the entire book (metaphysics, philosophy of language, views of ethics, etc.) is founded in Wittgenstein's novel view of the nature of logical truth and proof.


Present Associate Professor, Philosophy & World Religions, University of Northern Iowa Department of Philosophy and World Relgions
Participant in the 2016 Scholar Connexus event sponsored by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, University of Northern Iowa 2016 Scholar Connexus


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University of Northern Iowa
Bartlett Hall 2099
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0501
(319) 273-7487

Office: BAR 2099
Phone: (319) 273-7487


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