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About Ed L. Frederickson

For 23 years Ed Fredrickson has practiced and promoted the science of rangeland management. Across North America, in both the western U.S. and northern Mexico, Ed also has worked on behalf of the conservation of rangelands based on an accurate scientific understanding and application of ecological principles. He has continually demonstrated several qualities that have served him and his profession well over these years.
First, he has constantly worked on research objectives that address the needs of family ranch operations. He has stressed the importance of people living close to the land being in a position to more effectively manage the natural resources that support their livelihoods. Second, he has always worked as a thorough and critical scientific observer. He has not compromised his scientific objectivity in support of other interests. Ed has consistently recognized that conservation of rangeland resources and rural communities is best served by application of carefully tested scientific principles.


Present Associate Professor-Agriculture, Eastern Kentucky University

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Honors and Awards

  • 2009 Outstanding Achievement Award--Society for Range Management
  • 2004 President's Award, Society for Range Management, New Mexico Section
  • 2000 President's Award, Society for Range Management
  • 1999 Outstanding Contributions, La Union Granadera de Durango


  • Principles of Animal Science
  • Animal Science Laboratory

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