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About Matthew Wilburn King PhD

Matthew holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, England. As a political geographer, he's interested in the role of alternative environmental governance architectures in post-conflict peacebuilding.
His aim is to map commodity-related conflicts around the world in order to compare the nature, sources, and impacts of conflicts related to practices in forestry, fisheries, agriculture, mining, and energy sectors.
He has traveled extensively throughout Central America and has conducted fieldwork in southern Honduras, while completing his doctoral research. As a researcher in the Political Ecology of Development (PED) Research Group at Cambridge, he developed an approach to analyze environmental conflicts and applied it in Honduras.
Geographically, his work is focused on the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. He is a bilingual practitioner, particularly interested in the issues associated with the politics, management, and human ecology of natural resources; particularly environmental conflict and governance.
Upon completing an MPhil in conflict studies at Trinity College, Dublin, Matthew served as a US Presidential Management Fellow under the Clinton Administration. He served as Program Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean with the Office of International Activities, NOAA Research.
He is now the President and Chairman of the Living GREEN Network 501(c)3. Living GREEN establishes fiscally sponsored projects for people with great ideas and the courage to make a positive contribution toward social and environmental well-being.
Matthew has taught at the University of Cambridge, University of Colorado, George Washington University, University of Zamorano in Honduras, Shepherd University, and Front Range Community College. He is an expert roster member with the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, a fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society and a member of the Royal Geographical Society Institute of British Geographers.
His experiences in public service, academia, and as a practitioner in the private sector have made his approach to some of the most critical social and environmental challenges incisive. During the Spring of 2010, Dr. King returned to his undergraduate university as the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Lecturer in Politics and Law.
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Research Interests

Environmental Security, Geopolitics, Commodities and Governance

Honors and Awards

  • Distinguished Alumnus Lecturer in Politics and Law, University of Tulsa
  • United States Presidential Management Fellow
  • Cambridge Philosophical Society


  • Global Commodities, Sustainable Developoment and Conflicts, Senior Critical Thinking
  • Environmental Quality and Management
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