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Using Technology to Differentiate and Engage All Learners
INSPIRE Conference
  • Jamie Mahoney, Murray State University
  • Echo Wu, Murray State University
Author Biography

Dr. Jamie Mahoney obtained her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Special education from Auburn University and her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from University of Phoenix. She has spent 25 years teaching special education in various service delivery models in Alabama and Florida before moving to Kentucky to work for Murray State University. She has certifications in Special Education, General Education, Reading Endorsement Certification, Educational Leadership Endorsement, Assistive Technology Certification, and Microsoft Certifications. She has taught online at the university level prior to coming to Murray State University.

Echo Wu, Ph.D., is the Director of Center for Gifted Studies and an Assistant Professor at the Department of Educational Studies, Leadership & Counseling in the College of Education & Human Services at Murray State University (MSU). She had her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Beijing and Sydney, respectively, and studied at the University of Virginia (UVa) for her Ph.D. degree in 2004-2007. She worked as an Assistant Professor at the Education University of Hong Kong in 2007-2011, and was a Visiting Professor at UVa in 2011-2012. She started the current job at MSU in August 2012. Contact:

Improving the interaction and engagement of diverse students in a college classroom is a difficult task. Using technology is one of the ways teachers can differentiate instruction to meet all students' needs. Differentiating instruction by using technology meets the needs of the student and the needs of the teacher and provides immediate feedback to both the student and the teacher. Diverse students have difficulties in being academically successful in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematical concepts when instructional materials are presented verbally without any visual or written information to accommodate the student language barriers. Technology can resolve these problems with differentiated accommodations for students with diversity issues. Kahoot, Plickers, Nearpod, Polleverywhere, and Pokotchart are available for teachers to use in creating engaging and interactive lessons to assist students with diversity .
Session Type
Learning Objectives

Participants will learn to use instructional technology tools to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners

Participants will learn to create engaging and interactive lessons using various technology tools.

Start Date
18-11-2016 2:00 PM
End Date
18-11-2016 2:45 PM
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Jamie Mahoney and Echo Wu. "Using Technology to Differentiate and Engage All Learners" (2016)
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