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Self-Directed Learning in Adults with Disabilities
InternationalSelf-Directed Learning Symposium (2010)
  • Deborah K Sterner, University of South Florida
  • Ezzard C Bryant, Jr, University of South Florida
This research investigated educated adults with identified disabilities and their self-directed learning efforts. It involved structured, in-depth interviews with disabled adults in higher education related to their attempts to learn on their own. Evidence of self-directed learning projects existed for each of the participants. All reported difficulties with finding the appropriate tools to improve their learning. A listing of specific techniques to assist their learning efforts was generated from the participants.
  • learning disabilities,
  • disabilities,
  • accessibility,
  • research,
  • learning projects,
  • self-directed learning
Publication Date
Winter February 3, 2010
Citation Information
Deborah K Sterner and Ezzard C Bryant. "Self-Directed Learning in Adults with Disabilities" InternationalSelf-Directed Learning Symposium (2010)
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