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Segmenting Dispensers: Factors in the Selection of Open-canal Fittings
The Hearing Journal (2006)
  • Earl E. Johnson, Vanderbilt University
The trend is clear. More clinicians and patients are choosing open-canal (OC) fitting hearing aids as a treatment option for hearing impairments. Now, just a few years after GN ReSound's launch of an OC device called the ReSoundAIR, nearly every manufacturer has a similar product. In a very real sense, an OC is more or less a small behind-the-ear (BTE) device with a tube fitting, although some products classified as “open” have the receiver in the ear canal and use a wire rather than a tube to connect with the ear canal.
  • dispensers,
  • hearing aids,
  • amplification,
  • open-canal fittings,
  • audiology
Publication Date
November 1, 2006
Citation Information
Earl E. Johnson. "Segmenting Dispensers: Factors in the Selection of Open-canal Fittings" The Hearing Journal Vol. 59 Iss. 11 (2006) p. 58 - 60 ISSN: 0745-7472
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