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Irrigation of Safflower in Northern Utah
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  • L. Niel Allen, Utah State University
  • J. Earl Creech, Utah State University
  • Michael G. Pace, Utah State University
  • Clark E. Israelsen, Utah State University
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Utah State University Extension
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Most safflower in northern Utah and southern Idaho is grown under dryland conditions; however, irrigated safflower can provide higher yields and increase net returns. Two perceived concerns with irrigated safflower are an increase the severity of Alternaria leaf spot disease and delayed maturity in the fall. The results of studies to determine impact of irrigation on safflower yield and Alternaria leaf spot disease are presented in this fact sheet..

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L. Niel Allen, J. Earl Creech, Michael G. Pace and Clark E. Israelsen. "Irrigation of Safflower in Northern Utah" (2015)
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