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Current Grant - Views on Meaning in Life
  • Erin A. Mueller, Concordia University - Portland
I am continuing my cross-cultural investigation of meaning in life with my present faculty research grant. The existential question of what gives life meaning has intrigued the human family since its beginning; Van Pachterbeke, Keller, and Saroglou (2012) refer to this as existential quest. I formally began my investigation in South Africa in 2012, and I studied it in more depth in three Francophone countries in 2015. Now, I am expanding my data set to enhance the external validity of my study, returning to South Africa for further research. I utilize published surveys (i.e., the Schedule for Meaning in Life Evaluation [SMiLE; Fegg, Kramer, L’hoste, & Borasio, 2008] and the Meaning in Life Questionnaire [MLQ; Steger, Frazier, Oishi, & Kaler, 2006]), and I include local comparison groups. I enjoy this investigation, particularly as I have student research assistants involved in the process; I find it deeply enriches the educational experience.
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Erin A. Mueller. "Current Grant - Views on Meaning in Life" (2017)
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