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About Elodie Mandel-Briefer, Ph.D.

My primary research interests are cognition and vocal communication in birds and mammals. The main aims of my research are understanding how animals use vocal signals to encode information about their identity (e.g. species, group, individual identity), their quality (e.g. body size, dominance status, age,...) and their affective states (emotions, mood), as well as the impact of such information on conspecifics.
I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at ETH Zürich, funded by a Swiss National Science Foundation fellowship (“Ambizione”). My current project aims at understanding the link between the arousal (or intensity) and valence (positive/negative) of the emotions animals experience and the characteristics of their vocalizations. I want to investigate, by comparing domesticated (horses, goats, pigs and cattle) and closely related wild ungulates (Przewalski’s horses, wild boars and bisons), if these indicators have been conserved throughout evolution and if they have been affected by domestication. 


Present Content Contributor, The Animal Studies Repository
Present Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, ETH Zurich

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