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About Durodola Tosin Samuel

Durodola Tosin (born July 9, 1997) is a writer, blogger, researcher and activist. He is a native of Igede Ekiti in Irepodun/Ifelodun local government, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

He had his Primary and Secondary education at Tinuola Maximum School, Ado Ekiti. He attended Christ's School, Ado Ekiti from 2006-2012 and received a Bachelor's degree in History, and International Studies in 2016. 

He started writing professionally at the age of 12. He was a Columnist in Ekiti Glory Newspaper, Nigeria from 2009-2010. In 2009, He won the Poem Section of NYSC Ekiti PETs competition. In 2016, BAHS named him the Best Academic Male Student in the Department of History and International Studies.

His passion for writing was ignited by his Parents profession in Journalism. He was an active member of the Press Club in Christ's School, Ado Ekiti. His desire to write more spurred him to start blogging in 2010.

He has written many research articles and Essays which have been published in several e-magazines and academic centers including Tuck Magazine and Academia.

He has written on several topics like “The Second World War and the economic situation in Africa”, “Africa and the effect of World War II”, “Neo-Colonialism: A Major obstacle to the process of nation-building in Africa”, "Nigeria's Leadership roles in Africa", "The Ethnic Setting in the Nigeria Area Before 1800", " Terrorism: A New Dimension of War", "Early African Historians’ Writings Before 1945: Precursors of Modern African Historiography", “How Apt is the Description of 1920s in America History as The Jazz Age”, "Debt Crisis: A Major Developmental Issue in the Third World Countries".

Durodola lives in Ekiti State, Nigeria. He is currently writing a book on "Nigeria's Quest for a Permanent Seat at The UN Security Council" and "Nigeria's Leadership roles in Africa".


Present Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria

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