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Panel 20 The Merits of Three Qualitative Research Methods
ICIS 1996 Proceedings
  • Michael Myers, University of Auckland
  • Heinz Klein, Binghamton University
  • Duane Truex, Georgia State University
  • Eleanor Wynn, Oregon Graduate Institute
Publication Date
There has been growing interest in qualitative research methods and their application to information systems in recent years. Since 1990 panels and/or workshops on qualitative research methods have become a regular feature of ICIS. Prominent among the variety of research strategies which have been suggested in the research literature are case studies, grounded theory, ethnography (Harvey and Myers 1995; Wynn 1991), phenomenology, semiotics (Klein and Truex 1995), hermeneutics, critical hermeneutics (Myers 1994) and critical theory approaches.
Citation Information
Michael Myers, Heinz Klein, Duane Truex and Eleanor Wynn. "Panel 20 The Merits of Three Qualitative Research Methods" (1996)
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