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Site-preference and valency for rare-earth sites in (R-Ce)2Fe14B magnets
Applied Physics Letters
  • Aftab Alam, Ames Laboratory
  • Mahmud Khan, Ames Laboratory
  • R. William McCallum, Iowa State University
  • Duane D. Johnson, Iowa State University
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Rare-earth (R) permanent magnets of R2Fe14B have technological importance due to their high energy products, and they have two R-sites (Wyckoff 4f and 4g, with four-fold multiplicity) that affect chemistry and valence. Designing magnetic behavior and stability via alloying is technologically relevant to reduce critical (expensive) R-content while retaining key properties;cerium, an abundant (cheap) R-element, offers this potential. We calculate magnetic propertiesand Ce site preference in ( R1−xCex) 2Fe14B [R = La,Nd] using density functional theory (DFT)methods—including a DFT + U scheme to treat localized 4f-electrons. Fe moments compare well with neutron data—almost unaffected by Hubbard U, and weakly affected by spin-orbit coupling.In La2Fe14B, Ce alloys for 0≤x≤1 and prefers smaller R(4f) sites, as observed, a trend we find unaffected by valence. Whereas, in Nd2Fe14B, Ce is predicted to have limited alloying ( x≤0.3 ) with a preference for larger R(4g) sites, resulting in weak partial ordering and segregation. The Curie temperatures versus x for (Nd,Ce) were predicted for a typical sample processing and verified experimentally.

The following article appeared in Appl Phys. Lett. 102, 042402 (2013) and may be found at

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Aftab Alam, Mahmud Khan, R. William McCallum and Duane D. Johnson. "Site-preference and valency for rare-earth sites in (R-Ce)2Fe14B magnets" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 102 Iss. 4 (2013) p. 042402
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