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Unpublished Paper
Getting an Early Start in Self-Employment
  • David T. Robinson, Duke University

This paper studies the impact of adolescent work experience on adult self-employment. Using a novel data source, I find that respondents who run their own businesses as adolescents are three times more likely to be self-employed as an adult. This effect is strongest among children with self-employed parents: the impact of adolescent self-employment on adult self-employment is around seven times higher for the offspring of self-employed parents than for those who have wage-earning parents. These findings suggests that adolescent self-employment is a channel that transmits human capital from parents to children, thereby influencing the child's adult-life vocational choice.

  • Self-employment,
  • vocational choice,
  • occupational inheritance
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David T. Robinson. "Getting an Early Start in Self-Employment" (2012)
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