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Service Learning as a Vehicle for Promoting Student Political Efficacy
Journal for Civic Commitment (2010)
  • Dari E. Sylvester, University of the Pacific

Research demonstrates young people’s underperformance in the political process (Colby, Beaumont, Ehrlich, & Corngold, 2007; Delli Carpini 2000). For young people, “What is missing is the belief that becoming involved in public life in any way that involves politics, government, or organized collective action…is likely to be effective or satisfying” (Delli Carpini 2000, 344). This lack of political efficacy—the belief that one can make a difference in political outcomes—figures prominently among traditional college-aged students.

Publication Date
Spring 2010
Citation Information
Dari E. Sylvester. "Service Learning as a Vehicle for Promoting Student Political Efficacy" Journal for Civic Commitment Vol. 14 (2010)
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