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About Daniel S. Barroso

Daniel Souza Barroso is currently a PhD candidate in the History Department at the University of São Paulo, USP, Brazil. His research project aims at examining slavery in Grão-Pará, throughout the 19th century, through a serial analysis of two of the core elements of the economics and demography of African slavery - the patterns of slaveholding and the slave family. The research focuses on the population dynamics and slaveholding patterns, as well as on the mechanisms of reproduction and the possible stability of the slave family in three regions of the province which experienced each one, different demo-economic developments: the Guajarina zone (encompassing the capital, Belém, and its surroundings); the Lower Tocantins and Marajó Island. The project (granted by the São Paulo Research Foundation, FAPESP, Brazil) is supported by a primary source (postmortem inventories) and a set of auxiliary sources (parish registers, wills; public deeds of sale; registration lists; various civil and criminal cases; censuses; provincial administration reports; travelers' accounts etc.).


Present Faculty Member, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil