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About Dr Nafees Ahmad

Dr. Nafees Ahmad has been teaching since 1998. He teaches International Human Rights Law, International Refugee Law, Public International Law and, International Humanitarian Law, Law of International Organizations, Minority Rights, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Sociology of Law and Law of Federal Constitutions. Dr. Ahmad made prolific pursuits in International Refugee Law and its challenges in South Asia, Legal Protection of Migrant Workers, International Terrorism, Transnational Organized Crimes, Law of Treaties, Legal Theory, and the Work of the International Law Commission. His recent scholarship has conceived, developed, introduced and focused on a new coursework i.e. Comparative Constitutional Law of SAARC Nations in South Asian University and riveted upon a comparative analysis of constitutional transitions and design, civil-military relations, and religion-state conflicts in South Asia. His exclusivity is on human rights and its role in the International Lego-Political Order, including, in particular, issues such as self-determination, humanitarian intervention, and conflict resolution. His research encompasses International Migrations and Refugee Policy, Asylum and Extradition. Dr. Ahmad writes on international migration trends and policies and the relationship of migration to socio-economic development. His peripheral interests are in Constitutional Questions, Gender Politics & Social Issues and Lego-Ethical Jurisprudence. He is also inclined towards Public Interest Litigation (PIL) and Anglo-American Jurisprudence.

Dr. Nafees Ahmad has twenty long years of experience of teaching, training and research in higher educational institutions of national and international repute with iconoclastic ideas and a connoisseur in perspectives. As a Senior Assistant Professor of International Law and International Human Rights Law Dr. Ahmad has gleaned and gathered a well-established, well-groomed and well-equipped experience, exposure and expertise whereby he has been teaching concepts, ideas, perceptions, issues pertaining to economic evolutions, paradoxes of politics, social movements in developing jurisdictions, social issues and security, re-prioritization of development desideratum of developed societies, political economy of geo-strategic dimensions, international relations in a multi-polar world order, engagement diplomacy, multiculturalism beyond post-modernism, environmental constitutionalism and affirmative actions beyond transcendental institutionalism. Further, Dr. Ahmad developed the trajectory of paradigms of thinking theories on global, regional and local governance, architecture of human security, sustainable development, media and communication, energy and environment, human rights and humanitarian response wherein transparency and accountability are reflected as role models inter-alia as part of the subjects referred hereinabove.

Dr. Ahmad has completed a successful stint of more than twenty years of teaching in higher education sector in India in its one of the best central universities of national importance i.e. Aligarh Muslim University as an Assistant Professor of International Law in the Faculty of Law. Recently, Dr. Ahmad re-located to New Delhi and joined the Faculty of Legal Studies of South Asian University. The South Asian University is an International University of Higher Education that has been sponsored and established by the SAARC Nations under its SAARC Charter as an Inter-Governmental-Organization which enjoys the Status of a Diplomatic Mission under International Law and duly has been recognized by the United Nations Organization (UNO). His book "INTERNATIONAL REFUGEE LAW & HUMAN RIGHTS" is in press. Dr. Nafees Ahmad has the distinction and the privilege to have conceived, prepared and introduced a new paper called Comparative Constituional Law of SAARC Nations which he has been teaching in the Monsoon Semester (Ist Sem) along with International Human Rights Law (IIIrd Sem). Dr. Nafees Ahmad has presented Research Papers in an International Conferences in the Harvard University.

Today, Dr. Nafees Ahmad is a widely acclaimed scholar of national and international repute. Dr. Ahmad has been recognized and offered Visiting Senior Lectureship by the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia in May, 2009. He was offered Associate Professorship by the University of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa-Ethiopia in 2007 and 2008. Dr. Ahmad had been teaching since 1998 in the Faculty of Law, A.M.U.Aligarh-202002 (U.P.)-INDIA till July 2011. On July 28, 2011 Dr. Ahmad has joined the South Asian University---an international university at New Delhi-India which has been established under the SAARC Charter and same has been accorded an inter-governmental organization at par the UNO.
Dr. Ahmad has accomplished his High School Board Certificate from Allahabad-U.P. He obtained his SSSC from A.M.U. Aligarh. Dr. Ahmad has earned his B.A (H) in English Literature and has obtained his Degrees of LL.B and LL.M. in International Law & Human Rights from A.M.U. Aligarh. Dr. Ahmad has done his Ph.D. in International Refugee Law & Human Rights in International Refugee Law & Human Rights. Dr. Ahmad is a poet, orator, short-story writer and established his academic credentials, participatory pursuits and legal scholarship in and around the University. Dr. Ahmad extensively publishes in magazines, politico-legal Journals of repute and in national op-ed pages and delivers special lectures and talks organized by GOs, NGOs and Civil Society Institutions on issues such as law, health, globalization, human rights, judicial reforms, social justice, inclusive growth etc.

Dr. Ahmad has taught many subjects of varied nature whenever he was asked therefor. He is a jurocrat and believes in an amalgamation of human existentialism in jurocracy deviant to the horizontal and vertical distinctions existent in the contemporary social milieu so as to climax the compendium of salubrious transcendental institutionalism in the geo-politics of New Multi-Polar World Order. He is a member of Amnesty International and Human Rights Campaigner. He advances the causes of people who are at the mercy of instrumentalities of state and non-state actors by his writings, oratories and articulations. Dr. Ahmad believes in pluralism, secularism and universalism (PSU).

Dr. Ahmad is man of mannerism, disciple of discipline and blessed with pleasing personality. His hobbies are music, poetry, riding, and excursion. He has composed many poems-inter alia- on law. He is sincere in his academic and social commitments and obligations towards students and seniors alike. Dr. Ahmad attends the students on individual basis. Participatory pedagogy, persuasive panache, and hermeneutics’ heterodoxy while engrafting the colossus of classical and contemporary practical polemics into the theoretical prism with the spirit of camaraderie in the class-room are the pinnacle of his teaching methodology. Dr. Ahmad may be contacted at: and And see my Blog at: < http// >, And Live Journal at http//

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