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Generating Solutions For Rural Development Through ICT In India
  • Dr. Mukesh Ranga
  • Priyanka Pradhan
Abstract “Development is neither a simple, nor straightforward linear process.”- (Haqqani, 2003) The rural population represents two third of Indian population therefore their participation and involvement is more necessary in every aspect of governance. Duncombe and Heeks (1999) describe ICTs as an “electronic means of capturing, processing, storing and disseminating information”. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (1999), ICTs cover internet service provision, telecommunications equipment and services, information technology equipment and services, media and broadcasting, libraries and documentation centers, commercial information providers, network-based information services, and other related information and communication activities. Various initiatives in the recent past portrayed the significant role that the I.C.T plays in the realm of rural development. With the augmentation in population and competition in different areas of India, to cop up with demand in agriculture, to disseminate new expertise is requirement of new technologies. With the rising awareness amongst the citizens and their better experiences with the private sector– the demand for better services on the part of government departments became more pronounced. The access of ICT helps in creating sustainable economic relationships and efficient markets. Moreover, it is also helpful in eradication of poverty and improving health .This paper discusses some landmark projects and throws a spotlight on current status of e-governance in rural areas and along with major impediments in their implementation. This paper has also provided a number of strategic initiatives used in Rural India in general. The need to carry out research on implementation of ICT in the rural market is of utmost importance. New outlook is needed to understand and manage pluralistic information flows and effectively use ICT. It does not make sense to achieve a developed status without a major and continuous augmentation of all villages. Key words- E-commerce, Empowering, E-governance, Connectivity, Initiatives.
  • Initiatives,
  • ICTs,
  • Rural India
Publication Date
Spring August, 2014
Citation Information
Dr. Mukesh Ranga and Priyanka Pradhan. "Generating Solutions For Rural Development Through ICT In India" (2014)
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