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Perspectives on prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of low back pain in WORK.
WORK (2010)
  • M. Ravenek
  • M. Campbell-Bryson
  • Lynn Shaw, Dr., The University of Western Ontario
  • I Hughes

Introduction: The aim of this review was to describe the low back pain (LBP) knowledge base developed in WORK and to discuss its relevance to current perspectives in the broader literature on LBP and employment. Method: A scoping review of the literature in WORK on LBP and employment was conducted using published articles from 1990–2009. Articles were organized into geographical regions and summarized for contributions to the domains of WORK: prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation. Methodological accordance of the articles was also assessed. Results: Fifty articles were extracted and organized into contributions from authors within North America (n=34) and outside North America (n=16). In total there were 26 prevention, 7 assessment, and 12 rehabilitation articles in this review. Five articles were also classified as 'understanding' articles. More than half of the articles retrieved employed quantitative methodology. Conclusions: WORK has contributed a broad realm of publications to the knowledge base on LBP and employment. Two thirds of the articles were contributed from authors within North America, with a greater emphasis on prevention. This article highlights the similarities and differences in the international knowledge base in the management of LBP in WORK. Future directions for research are elaborated drawing on current perspectives of two experts on the management of LBP.

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M. Ravenek, M. Campbell-Bryson, Lynn Shaw and I Hughes. "Perspectives on prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation of low back pain in WORK." WORK Vol. 35 (2010)
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