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Reflections on the importance of place to the participation of women in new occupations.
Journal of Occupational Science (2009)
  • Lynn Shaw, Dr., The University of Western Ontario

This article presents personal reflections on experiences in constructing a cabin by the sea to explore enablers and constraints affecting women's participation in novel occupations, and to understand connections between place and occupation. Insights gained as a result of reflection suggest that catalysts for participation in new and unconventional occupations include elements such as being in a new place away from daily routines as well as feelings of freedom and safety. Resources in a place can support enactment of new skills and help to develop competence. The values espoused in a place can facilitate meaningful and ongoing participation. More research is needed in various settings to better understand how place and context can act as catalysts promoting the occupational participation of women in learning skills, meeting the demands of different occupations and gaining confidence when choosing to do something novel.

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Lynn Shaw. "Reflections on the importance of place to the participation of women in new occupations." Journal of Occupational Science Vol. 16 Iss. 1 (2009)
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