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Moving evidence into work practice: A collaborative approach to promoting and sustaining knowledge exchange.
Occupational Therapy Now (2008)
  • K. MacDonald
  • Lynn Shaw, Dr., The University of Western Ontario
  • C. Brenchley
  • R. Lysaught
  • S. Rappolt
  • E. Larney
  • R. Reardon

This paper outlines the collaborative efforts and actions of three organizations to create, promote, evaluate and sustain a systemfor knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) in the work practice sector.The steps used in getting started and building capacity for KTE are shared here to encourage others to design unique communities of practice to support KTE in other sectors of occupational therapy practice. Processes that increase the likelihood of evidence being used in practice: Moving research findings into clinical decisionmaking involvesmaking research findings understandable, practice relevant and useful in the field. Strategies are needed to support the review, reflection and critical appraisal of information needed for therapists to integrate research knowledge in practice (Craik & Rappolt, 2003). According to Lavis (2003a, b) the dissemination and use of research findings ismost effective when it involves what have been coined'push','pull'and'dissemination' strategies and when it involves the users of information as early as possible in the research and knowledge transfer process. Push strategies focus on dissemination, and increasing awareness of and access to information. Pull strategies involve responding to user's needs and suggestions, and dissemination strategies involve creating opportunities for dialogue between the researchers and knowledge users.Our plan to develop a sustainable KTE process for the work practice sector builds on these strategies.

Publication Date
Fall September, 2008
Citation Information
K. MacDonald, Lynn Shaw, C. Brenchley, R. Lysaught, et al.. "Moving evidence into work practice: A collaborative approach to promoting and sustaining knowledge exchange." Occupational Therapy Now (2008)
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