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Implementing XEDS for a CubeSat communication subsystem
2018 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (2018)
  • Kardigue Konte, Rowan University
  • Russell Trafford, Rowan University
  • John Schmalzel, Rowan University
Electronic communication is a process of exchanging information and data between devices and users. Among the major design constraints are choice of protocols and compatibility between devices. Dissimilar devices require additional modifications to ensure successful interchange between them. Protocol translators are an example of a class of applications that can be used to achieve device-to-device compatibility. Alternatively, if a flexible, open-source standard is available, minimum modifications can accomplish the generic device communication requirements. One method that can be used to enhance interoperability is a member of the IEEE 1451.N family of standards [1]. Among the key members of the standard family is IEEE 1451.4, which defines the transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS). The goal of this standard is to provide plug and play capabilities for simple integration of transducers into a system. The TEDS provide a complete description of a transducer in accordance to one of the templates defined by the standard. The approach of using an electronic data sheet is a powerful concept that can be applied to many other system elements; however, IEEE 1451.4 implements TEDS details for only a subset of transducers, yet makes provision for user-defined TEDS. An obvious question is: Why not expand this idea to other components to make them just as easy to use? The concept developed in this paper is the development of an eXtensible Electronic Data Sheet (XEDS) to extend the power of the TEDS concept to other devices.
  • TEDS,
  • XEDS,
  • MemSat
Publication Date
March 12, 2018
Seoul, South Korea
Citation Information
Kardigue Konte, Russell Trafford and John Schmalzel. "Implementing XEDS for a CubeSat communication subsystem" 2018 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (2018)
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