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Self-Reported Physical Activity Among Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease
  • A. M. Johnson, Western University
  • J. Jimenez-Pardo, Western University
  • M. E. Jenkins, Western University
  • J. D. Holmes, Western University
  • S. M. Burke, Western University
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Although physical activity is generally thought to be beneficial for individuals with Parkinson’s disease (PD), there is limited information regarding current rates of physical activity within this population. In this study, we measured self-reported physical activity levels of individuals with PD and explored factors that affected physical activity engagement. Sixty-one individuals living with PD completed a modified form of the Physical Activity Scale for Individuals With Physical Disabilities. Reported activity was high and exceeds published guidelines for individuals with limited mobility. Major facilitators of physical activity included (a) positive impact on PD-related symptoms, (b) social motivation, and (c) regularity or predictability of the activity. The major barrier to physical activity was PD symptom severity (e.g., lack of balance, gait impairment, tremor, and fatigue).

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A. M. Johnson, J. Jimenez-Pardo, M. E. Jenkins, J. D. Holmes, et al.. "Self-Reported Physical Activity Among Individuals With Parkinson’s Disease" SAGE Open Vol. 8 Iss. 2 (2018)
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