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Reliability of Convective Diffusion Process in Stenosis Blood Vessels
Chemical Product and Process Modeling (2010)
  • R.K. Saket
  • Anil Kumar

This paper presents a convective dominated reliable diffusion process in an axi-symmetric tube with a local constriction simulating a stenos artery considering the porosity effects. The investigations demonstrate the effects of wall shear stress and recirculation flow on the concentration distribution in the vessels lumen and on wall mass transfer keeping the porosity in view. The flow is governed by the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations for Newtonian fluid in porous medium. The convection diffusion equation has been used for the mass transport. The effect of porosity is examined on the velocity field and wall stress. The numerical solutions of the flow equations and the coupled mass transport equations have been obtained using a finite difference method. This paper explains the reliable effects of flow porosity on the mass transport.

  • permeability,
  • reliability,
  • diffusion,
  • mortality,
  • morbidity,
  • modeling health care system,
  • cholesterol,
  • boundary condition
Publication Date
October 5, 2010
Citation Information
R.K. Saket and Anil Kumar. "Reliability of Convective Diffusion Process in Stenosis Blood Vessels" Chemical Product and Process Modeling Vol. 3 Iss. 1 (2010)
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