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Emergency Leadership: The Lived Experience
Submitted to Journal of Homeland Security Education (2017)
  • R. Jeffery Maxfield
  • Eric Russell, Utah Valley University
  This qualitative phenomenological study set forth to discover lived experience associated with becoming a leader. The researchers recruited four executive level leaders from multiple emergency and public service organizations to participate in the study.  The study emerged from a thorough review of the literature and advances the knowledge of academic leadership theory.  The study’s participants willingly took part in audio-recorded interviews using a script developed by the researchers.  To discover how different leaders interpreted their lived experience of becoming a leader, the researchers employed a phenomenological design, allowing for a rich understanding of the participants’ experience. The coding and data analysis process revealed multiple themes from the words of the participants. The implications of this study seemingly address the lived experience in a way so as to offer leadership academic theory in the emergency services a pathway for strengthening leadership development amongst aspiring officers    
  • emergency services,
  • leadership,
  • phenomenology,
  • ontology
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R. Jeffery Maxfield and Eric Russell. "Emergency Leadership: The Lived Experience" Submitted to Journal of Homeland Security Education (2017)
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