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About Kelly La Venture

I have always had a desire to understand organization dynamics and improving effectiveness in the workplace. Over the years, I found that the most satisfying work is helping leaders in need change the dynamics of the workplace into an environment that is healthier and more efficient. This led to my choice to focus on consulting and teaching in organization development and management.
I began training and designing curriculum in 2000 and began my academic career in 2006 with interest in business and management. As I began to dig deeper into the topics of management and leadership I developed a specialization in organization development. “Organization Development is a dynamic values-based approach to systems change in organizations and communities; it strives to build the capacity to achieve and sustain a new desired state that benefits the organization or community and the world around them” ( My goal extends to working with all organizations, not just for profit businesses.
For me, teaching is an ever-evolving activity: I am not the same teacher today that I was six years ago or even three years ago. My teaching has developed with expanded reading, opportunities to engage in professional development activities and through collaborative partnerships. I have become increasingly interested in designing and teaching courses online and applying a flipped classroom model. I find that integrating technology provides the opportunity to reach more students and to employ my pedagogy creatively. I have implemented and managed two LMS systems. I have also developed and designed numerous e-learning modules, including High Performance Culture for a leading global consumer tax company.
Knowing students is very important to teaching and helps me answer the questions ‘How can I help this student learn better?’ and ‘What in the student’s life can I relate to this topic so it is interesting and relevant for him/her?’
My research interests lie at the intersection of Organization Development, Double-Loop Learning, Organizational Learning, and the creation of a People Process Culture (PPC) organization. Current projects include (i) revising and co-authoring the PPC handbook (ii) how the discipline of energetics fosters double-loop learning and (iii) learning technologies in higher education. Email me to learn more and connect with me at


Present Assistant Professor of Management, Northland College
Present Doctor of Organization Development, University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul

Research Interests

Management and Organization Development

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Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Non-Teaching Faculty, Northcentral Technical College, 2011
  • Outstanding New Faculty Member, Northcentral Technical College, 2008



Contact Information

Northland College
1411 Ellis Avenue
Ashland, WI 54806