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Direct Synthesis of Poly(arylmethylsulfone) Monodendrons
Synthesis (2006)
  • James E Hanson, Seton Hall University
  • Qiuxia Zhao, Seton Hall University
Synthetic efforts toward poly(arylmethyl sulfone) dendrimers are described. A molecule designed to function as a protected AB2 monomer, phenyl 3,5-bis(chloromethyl)-benzenesulfonate was synthesized in four steps from dimethyl 5-sulfoisophthalate in 59% overall yield. This monomer was coupled to sodium benzenesulfinate to give the generation 1 monodendron, phenyl 3,5-bis(phenylsulfonylmethyl)benzene-sulfonate. However, deprotection of the generation 1 monodendron by literature methods of reduction and hydrolysis were not successful.
  • dendritic polymers
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James E Hanson and Qiuxia Zhao. "Direct Synthesis of Poly(arylmethylsulfone) Monodendrons" Synthesis (2006)
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