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Unpublished Paper
Leadership and Crisis Management in Modern Organizations
Business Leadership (2015)
  • Chris D. Bellamy, Liberty University
Leadership in modern organizations is complex. This research identifies how leaders in modern organizations can effectively deliver results through crisis management, while maintaining organizational culture. The author addresses leadership through organizational culture, the actions leaders must take, corporate policies and practices. In addition, this research directly contributes to leading organizations through crisis management and maintaining organizational culture today.
  • Leadership,
  • Crisis,
  • Business,
  • Management,
  • Organizations,
  • Modern,
  • Corporate Policy
Publication Date
Summer June 1, 2015
The author retains the copyright for this working research paper. No part of this paper can be reproduced without written permission from the author Dr. Chris D. Bellamy.
Citation Information
Chris D. Bellamy. "Leadership and Crisis Management in Modern Organizations" Business Leadership (2015)
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