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"Time to Lead" Motives-Attributes-Skills Knowledge (MASK) Base in Leadership Performance
National Collegiant Leadership Conference (2012)
  • Chris D. Bellamy, Liberty University
In today’s business environment, executives are seeking ways to identify new leaders which are well rounded in terms of their motivations, attributes, skills, knowledge and abilities to manage people. Companies invest in skill development of existing managers and often in potential managers. The Motivations-Attributes-Skills-Knowledge (MASK) model establishes the framework for baselining leadership behaviors and competencies for assessment and measurement verses a subjective annual performance evaluation. The model establishes behavior patterns that can be used to quantify and qualify as predictors of present and future leadership performance. This model is the standard by which business leaders can use to significantly improve business performance. The MASK model is the blueprint which provides businesses a roadmap to future leadership performance.
  • Leadership,
  • Motivation,
  • Attributes,
  • Skills,
  • Knowledge,
  • Ethics,
  • Character,
  • Continious Improvement
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Chris D. Bellamy. ""Time to Lead" Motives-Attributes-Skills Knowledge (MASK) Base in Leadership Performance" National Collegiant Leadership Conference (2012)
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