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Self-Defence in Criminal Law
  • Boaz Sangero
Self-Defence in Criminal Law - book reviews: (1) Boaz Sangero's project and ambition – in which he largely succeeds – is to provide a doctrinally sound framework for the analysis and critique of self defence as it operates in a variety of legal systems. His methodology is a mixture of inductive and deductive strategies.…Sangero has valuable thoughts to offer, and the analytical strength of his framework is powerfully demonstrated throughout…the reader who seeks answers to the more fundamental questions raised by Leverick [Killing in Self-Defence, OUP] at the start of her work had better turn to Sangero's book to find them. His analytical framework…offers a structure that enables meaningful engagement with the questions Leverick poses. Her own book does not. Antje Du Bois-Pedain Cambridge Law Journal 2009 (2)...presents the reader with an easy-to-follow yet highly comprehensive dialogue concerning private defence. The book has a global reach through its consideration of different legal systems and challenges to the private defence based on a discussion on EU, Australian and American case intriguing discussion, which offers readers a complete picture of private defence while also addressing current flaws in its utilisation and providing possible solutions to rectify the loopholes in private defence. Faiza Qureshi The Police Journal Volume 80 (2007) (3)The author offers many interesting observations and suggestions in dealing with a number of important issues...a careful and valuable analysis of the issue of private defence. Jesse Elvin Current Issues in Criminal Justice, Journal of the Institute of Criminology Volume 19, Number 3, March 2008 (4)…a comprehensive and fundamental analysis of self-defense from both a general, theoretical, as well as a detailed and practical perspective. Judy Broder and Arnold Enker New Criminal Law Review 690, 2007 (5)… Self-Defence in Criminal Law, makes a long over-due - and welcome - contribution too the literature. Fiona Leverick Oxford Journal of Legal Studies Vol. 27 No. 3 (Autumn 2007)
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Hart Publishing
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Boaz Sangero. Self-Defence in Criminal Law. Oxford(2006)
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