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The 4 most outstanding and popular types of music
4988366666 (2018)
  • Dom George, Golden Gate University School of Law
Music is part of our lives almost from birth, and for many it is considered the food of the soul. There are different types of music, and each person can vary in their tastes, you can some cool download mp3 at Waploaded. Research results show that music is a powerful form of social expression that can reinforce stereotypes and promote the expression of one's own identity.

But beyond musical tastes, it is clear that the sensation of listening to music of our taste is unique and even indescribable. Music makes us feel incredible sensations and makes us feel different emotions: joy, ecstasy, happiness, sadness, love...

The different types of music and musical genres

There is a great variety of musical genres, as music has evolved over time and each culture has developed its own musical styles. But what types of music are there? Which are the most important? 

Below you can find a list of the most relevant and popular types of music in our society.

1. Classical music

Classical music is a current that begins in about 1750 and ends in about 1820, in Europe. Today, this type of music is associated with serious people, as it is an educated style, typical of a very formal, refined and elitist environment.

When someone imagines this type of music, quickly comes to mind the image of large orchestras, with many instruments, led by the figure of a conductor. The dress is formal, with an image of respect and seriousness. Classical music is expressed in concerts (soloist accompanying the orchestra) and symphonies (a choir of voices and instruments). 

Some of its main authors are Wagner, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, etcetera.

2. Blues

Blues is one of the most important and influential musical genres of recent times. It originated in the late 19th century when African slaves were transported to the United States. Its lyrics have a melancholic air in which personal anguish or social problems can be appreciated. It is the combination of African and Western music that led to the genre we know as "blues.

Several styles of blues have been developed over the years, some in small cities in the southern United States and others in cities such as Chicago and New Orleans. This style has influenced almost every genre of popular music that was to come at that time: jazz, soul, hip hop, and so on.

3. Jazz

At the end of the 19th century, most African-American musicians played only blues, but some also played classical music and learned European harmony. Some even mixed European harmony with the rhythms and scales of blues, and it was thanks to this mix that jazz appeared.

Jazz is characterized by a series of elements: improvisation, the treatment of rhythm (swing), the use of notes and syncopations, their voices (for example, the scat), their orchestras (Big Bang), and so on. One of the greatest jazz musicians was trumpeter Louis Armstrong, but artists like Frank Sinatra are also known worldwide. There are different types of jazz: Latin jazz, bebop, swing ... but all retain the essence of this style.

4. Rhythm and Blues (R&B)

As jazz became increasingly popular in the 1930s and 1940s, another new genre was beginning to develop. Many African Americans were professional blues musicians, but building a professional future in music and earning money was not easy. So many formed small bands and looked for work in bars and pubs.

If they wanted to work, the musicians had to manage to attract the audience, and many young people of the time, those who frequented these places, thought that blues was out of fashion. The bands were forced to create a new style, which would be called "rhythm and blues" or "R&B". In the beginning, R&B bands were noisy and lively, basing their strength on drums, double bass, and electric guitar. The singers were men or women with great voices, and the audience loved them. Today, the R&B is still valid, but with great influence of another style that we will see later, the soul. 
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Winter December 8, 2018
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