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A Framework of Norms: International Human-Rights Law and Sovereignty
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  • Douglass Cassel, Notre Dame Law School
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22 Harv. Int'l R. 60 (2001)
The international legal boundary between states; rights and human rights is not fixed. Long ago, the Permanent Court of International Justice - the judicial arm of the League of Nations and the precursor to the present International Court of Justice - recognized that "the question whether a certain matter is or is not solely within the jurisdiction of a State is an essentially relative question; it depends on the development of international relations." In recent decades international relations concerning both sovereignty and rights have developed quickly. An examination of those rights and the evolving realities of sovereignty are examined.

Reprinted with permission of Harvard International Review.

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Douglass Cassel. "A Framework of Norms: International Human-Rights Law and Sovereignty" (2001)
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